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About our cosmetics brand & site

Hello, welcome to my cosmetics brand and site. I am an alternative who proudly carries the label of Goth! I have been part of the goth community since I was 16 years old, I launched a cosmetics company over 4 years ago. Two years into it, I had to walk away from the company with the goal of bringing that company back at a later date.

A year later I decided it was time to launch my cosmetics company again, but this time with a major change. This time…it would be a goth focused company. I choose to call it CandyGoth Cosmetics because I had a few things I had come to observe about living life as a goth. It seemed that we were always being required to balance the darkness in our life with a little bit of light. Some of us choose a lot of light and others like me, I embraced it as an accessory aka an embellishment. My favorite color happens to be a combo of pink and black with a preference for black.

One of the most beautiful things about the goth community, is its ability to allow people to express who they are within the community. If you are of the romantic type you can consider yourself a Romantic Goth. If you love the vampire look and aesthetics, you can have your teeth chiseled down into fangs. If you like masks, braids and color you can be a CyberGoth and finally, if you like lots and lots of color you can be a Bubble or Pale Goth.

The community learned to adapt from the trad goth to survive over 5 decades and still be around. It has done so because it allowed people to create new styles within the main theme of Goth!

The candy in CandyGoth applies to more than the color pink. I am using candy to refer to the concept of light as color, sparkles and glitter. When I say color I mean any color other than black, even if that color is a really dark color. The word goth included in the name does indeed refer only to the color black, regardless of its intensity. I do not care how dark the color is if has a hint of color in it…it’s candy.

Our Statement

  • As a brand we cater to goths in every way, through the aesthetics, products and content on our sites.
  • As a cosmetics brand we offer products for anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, religion or alternative community identification.
  • We present makeup in an artistic way, not to imply that we expect you to be able to recreate these looks at home. But instead, the artistry is meant to show the beauty of the colors and what can be done with the makeup.

-Goth Barbie


This includes the concept of light in any color other than black (aka goth)! Our signature (light) color is pink and we add glitter for good measure!


This involves the concept of dark as black (aka goth)! Any color outside of black is considered light, even if it's dark burgundy or blood red.


I am using the label Goth as being inclusive of all Alt's, Metalheads, Punker Rockers & Goths! The type of goth you consider yourself does not matter.


The beauty and aesthetics of this site and brand are goth, alt, metal, punk, bubble and horror centered. If this is a problem for you, then CandyGoth is not going to be a good fit.


We do not care about trends! What we do care about is serving the community, with products and vendors who either cater or make items friendly to goths.




A site with a focus on serving the goth and alternatives of the world.

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