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CandyGoth Cosmetics

CandyGoth Cosmetics

We are a high-end luxury and cruelty-free cosmetics company! Our core products are manufactured in Canada by two different companies. Only our pencil products are made in Germany. Our headquarters and warehouse is based in Dallas, TX.

What does this mean to you:

  • Luxury cosmetics are comprised of products manufactured using organic and premium quality ingredients, which are sold at a higher price as compared to their counterpart drugstore products.
  • Cruelty-Free, this means that we do not test on animals. Some of our cosmetic products are also vegan!
  • The two companies who manufacture our cosmetics are based in Canada but our eye, brow and lip pencils are made in Germany.
  • Our headquarters is located in Dallas, TX and this is where we store and ship our cosmetics.
Makeup Galore
  1. We have two categories of products located in our Makeup Galore section. The Create Your Palette section contains CandyGoth Cosmetics products. You can create your own custom color palettes for face, cheeks, brows, eyes and lips.
  2. The second category of products are not made by CandyGoth Cosmetics. Instead we have curated and selected makeup products that we fill our shoppers may like. With these products we cannot guarantee that the manufacturers are cruelty-free and most will not be luxury brand cosmetics. So, please keep this in mind when purchasing products from the Makeup Galore (non-CandyGoth Cosmetics) sections.
Why Carry Cosmetics From Other Brands
  • As a cosmetics brand we have an image that we hope to build around our CandyGoth Cosmetics line. Because of this, certain products we simply will probably never make. We are true cosmetics lovers and because our family of sites promote the idea of being inclusive! As makeup lovers we wanted to offer a broad range of cool products that we do not make but we think our fans will love.
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