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High Def Pigments


High performing pigments with crystals of shine.


*Note these are extreme colored pigments with a fine infusion of crystals that give the pigments a satin finish. The colored swatches are focused on providing the true color of each pigment,  The color you see is what you will get infused with a satin crystal finish.*


  • never diluted — just intense pigment
  • use with Transformer as an eyeliner
  • use as is, as a translucent eyeshadow
  • use with our Clear Lipgloss to make any shade of lipgloss
  • use with hair gel and apply to hair
  • apply directly on the center of lips for a pop of color
  • use with a moisturizer or body lotion to give body a sexy sheen
  • use with clear nail enamel to make intense colors
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